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All available pricing options are listed below but some must be purchased in person and are not availbale online. Pre-registration for classes is not required.

First Time


Expires 30 days after purchase

New Student

Monthly Unlimited

New Student

3 Classes

Expires 30 days after purchase


Kids Yoga

Minors &

HS Students



Every Friday


Active Yoga Teachers,

College ID,


Please email or present teaching location, or appropriate ID 


Regular Drop-In

Expire 1 year after purchase


5 Class Card


10 Class Card


20 Class Card


Monthly Unlimited


3 Month



Yearly Unlimited


Weekly Unlimited


2 Weeks


We believe group Asana/yoga classes should be available to everyone.

our contribution to this mission is our discounted $10 drop-ins every FridaY and for select Community Classes.


These $10 Classes Also serve as a

thank you to our regular clients!

(Of course if you have an unlimited plan or a Class Card you are Alwasys welcome to use those)


If you feel generous and are financialLy able you may pay what you can on top of the $10 drop-in or your unlimited package to support our Mission. 


We will humbly and graciously accept your donation to fund future community classes and anonymously sponsor students in need.

Thank you for your generosity in helping us make yoga available to all!

***If you are a student in need of financial assistance to attend classes,***

please call or email us to discuss available options