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New students and drop-ins are always welcome.


We have many yoga classes to choose from. We have in-studio class daily and offer most of our classes virtually for at-home options.  We accomodate all levels of practice: from brand new beginners to advanced practitioners; from those desiring non, minimal, or slow movement to those desiring a more vigorous vinyasa flow practice.

Many of our classes include one or more of the following; pranayama, meditation, chanting, hands on assists, music and readings from sacred or inspirational texts. 


You are sure to find the perfect fit for your needs whether you're looking for a good stretch, relaxation, a vigorous workout, or a more in depth look at the ancient practices, we are here to serve you. Visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to check out our video clips, intros, and previews.

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New to yoga? Check out our beginners classes.


A great class for new students but good for all levels. This class will focus on the fundamentals of postures and proper alignment with the use of props and detailed verbal cues. Beyond beginners this class is for students who prefer a gentler practice, as well as those interested in optimal alignment.

currently available in-studio and Virtually



an all levels slower paced vinyasa flow with more instruction and emphasis on alignment. Gentle Flow provides enrichment through aligning body and mind through a gentle and meditative practice.  Move mindfully in a slower paced and more instructive flow with use of props and verbal cues for alignment. 

currently available in-studio and Virtually



This class uses standing and seated postures to increase flexibility throughout the entire body. Each class consists of a mindful combination of deep stretching and restorative poses with breathing and meditation. Recommended for anyone looking to increase their flexibility such as tennis players, runners and golfers as well as those new to Yoga.


Love Flow

vinyasa flow moves from one pose to the next linking mindful movement with the breath. The class features sun salutations, standing and balance poses as well as back bends, hip openers, forward folds, seated postures, inversions and of course Savasana. Love Flow is slightly more advanceD and recommended for students with some experience. All students are welcome & variations will be given in both Mixed level & Love flow.

currently available in-studio and Virtually



Our Popular & fast paced advanced vinyasa flow class set to upbeat music. This is our most challenging class, but everything is optional and modifications are encouraged. Come prepared to sweat and challenge yourself while having a great time!

Currently available in-studio and virtually


Lunar Flow

Our Lunar Flow classes go with the flow of the moon phases. The purpose of these classes is to connect us with the natural rhythms of the world around us – making room for a more balanced life. As the illumination of the moon increases towards a full moon, we move more. As it decreases, we hold still more. Every class will have some standing postures, balance poses, and stretches that will be suitable for all levels of yogis.

CurrentlY available in-studio and Virtually

Sacred Alignment

An opportunity to breathe, challenge the mind, and recalibrate the body. A slower yet powerful alignment-based practice. This class is accessible to all levels. Beginner students will receive downloads of information about foundational poses. Advanced students will be met with specific cues to deepen their practice & break a sweat. We actively hold poses to work deeper with the central nervous system, encourage good posture, and healthy muscle memory.

Currently available in-studio only

SunSet Slowdown

All Levels. No experience needed.  this is a great way to end the day. Each week different techniques & methods of meditatioN and Pranayama combined with gentle movements and supported postures to guide students to a relaxed state for a peaceful night & restorative sleep.

CurrentlY available in-studio Virtually

Evening Slow Flow

This gentle class will prepare you for a good night's rest as you move slowly with mindfulness and breath. It will feature slower sequences, longer holds in hip openers, forward folds and restorative poses. Students will also experience pranayama, meditation and a long and lovely savasana.  

Currently available in-studio and virtually

Candle Light Flow


In this class you may experience realignment with the divine through means of intention, movement, breath, and sound. Moving Qi, calming the nervous system, and nourishing the physical body are some of the many benefits of this soothing flow.

Candlelight flow is a time to wind down and destress as you end your day.

Currently available in-studio and virtually

Chi Yoga

Chi Yoga is a one-hour class that combines three mind-body practices—Yoga, Qi (Chi) Gong and Energy Medicine. The ancient Chinese practice called Qi Gong is a moving mediation which boosts the immune system, reduces stress and energizes the body. The combination of yoga poses with the movement of life force energy will provide an energizing class that will improve overall health and vitality. The class will strengthen the core and improve balance and flexibility. You will learn movements for strengthening the immune system, along with sound healing that will leave you with a deep sense of peace and well- being.

this Class is suitable for people of all levels.

CurrentlY available in-studio and Virtually

Yoga & Meditation

Each week will feature different methods of concentration and focus to guide students into meditation. intended to be a joyful exploration of meditation, asana, & pranayama. Fundamentals of posture, alignment and breath make this class accessible to beginners & ideal for experienced students looking to explore the more subtle aspects of their yoga practice.

currently available in-studio and Virtually


yogic sleep for deep conscious release & relaxation in the Amrit Desai method. Class is done either laying on your back in savasana or in a comfortable supported seated or reclined position. No experience is necessary. We welcome you to join us in the "zero stress zone" to transform your day and your life.

CurrentlY available Virtually only 


Renew, relax, recharge and restore your body and mind with these gentle and soothing yoga postures. Poses are supported with the use of props and held longer with the emphasis on restoration and attention to breath.

Currently Available in-studio only



Kundalini yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness. With the awakening technology of Kundalini Yoga, we engage in multiple practices of breathwork/pranayam, posture/asana, devotion/bhakti, hand gestures/mudras, body locks/bandhas, and verbal sound vibration/mantra. We start each session by tuning in, tapping into the Grand Field of energy and profoundly awakening from the inside by following kriya format.

These sessions are for most people. Please let instructor know if you are pregnant or have vertigo.

Currently Available in-studio only


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