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We have many yoga classes to choose from. At least 1 In-studio class daily (link to precautions/policies below) and a variety of Online/Stay-home options (Live Virtual and On-Demand).  We accomodate all levels of practice: from brand new beginners to advanced practitioners; from those desiring non, minimal, or slow movement to those desiring a more vigorous vinyasa flow practice.

We begin each class by asking our students to set an intention (Sankalpa) for practice, something personal or one suggested by the teacher according to the class theme or a current event. Many of our classes include one or more of the following; pranayama, meditation, chanting, hands on assists, music and readings from sacred or inspirational texts. Classes conclude following Savasana and Namaste.


You are sure to find the perfect fit for your needs whether you're looking for a good stretch, relaxation, a vigorous workout, or a more in depth look at the ancient practices, we are here to serve you. Check out our YouTube clips, intros and previews.

New to yoga? Check out our beginners classes.



$75 Monthly Unlimited





Focus on your self-care this month by taking the 21-day challenge! Start THIS Thursday, September 10 and challenge yourself to take one yoga class per day (In-Studio, Virtual or On-Demand) for 21 days ending on September 30!


email us at OM@loveyogacenter.com


to accept the challenge and gain access to exclusive content and offers. We will track your progress and be offering lots of support along the way!


Kids Yoga



Our Six Session Summer Series of Yoga for Kids & Families has six individual summer-themed video lesson plans with mindfulness activity worksheets.


So grab your sunblock and sun hat and join us for 6 playful yoga and mindfulness lessons including; Garden Yoga, Beach Yoga, It’s All Fun & Games, Yoga For Camping, Let’s Celebrate! & Mindfulness Road Trip.


It’s a great way to exercise both your mind and body this summer with these ON-DEMAND videos.


You can have your very own VIRTUAL YOGA SUMMER CAMP that fits your family schedule!


All 6 videos are available NOW:


$10 for 1 video (unlimited access for 1 week)

$40 for all 6 videos (unlimited access for 6 weeks)

Pre-Recorded Live Yoga Classes


Once you enroll and pay you will have immediate access to the 'CLASS VIDEOS' Tab in Mindbody from your browser (not available in the app or your phone). From there choose the class you wish to take.


Our Video Library has several of Every class type we offer virtually. It is updated regularly


ALL Classes, unlimited access:

$20 for 1- week from date of purchase

$30 for 2-week from date of purchase

$50 for 1-month from date of purchase

Call if you need any assistance: 239-692-9747


A great class for new students but good for all levels. This class will focus on the fundamentals of postures and proper alignment with the use of props and detailed verbal cues. Beyond beginners this class is for students who prefer a gentler practice, as well as those interested in optimal alignment.

currently available Virtually, in-studio, and on-Demand



an all levels slower paced vinyasa flow with more instruction and emphasis on alignment. Gentle Flow provides enrichment through aligning body and mind through a gentle and meditative practice.  Move mindfully in a slower paced and more instructive flow with use of props and verbal cues for alignment. 

currently available Virtually, in-studio, and on-Demand



Mixed-Level flow

This mixed level vinyasa flow moves from one pose to the next linking mindful movement with the breath. The class features sun salutations, standing and balance poses as well as back bends, hip openers, forward folds, seated postures, inversions and of course Savasana. All students are welcome, variations will be given. Love Flow is slightly more advanced than mixed-level flow. 

currently available Virtually, in-studio, and on-Demand




A 1 hour set sequence class that transforms, invigorates and energizes, while grounding and allowing inward exploration of the Self

currently available Virtually, in-studio, and on-Demand

Yoga & Meditation

Each week will feature different methods of concentration and focus to guide students into meditation. intended to be a joyful exploration of meditation, asana, & pranayama. Fundamentals of posture, alignment and breath make this class accessible to beginners & ideal for experienced students looking to explore the more subtle aspects of their yoga practice.

currently available Virtually, in-studio, and on-Demand

Chi Yoga

Chi Yoga is a one-hour class that combines three mind-body practices—Yoga, Qi (Chi) Gong and Energy Medicine. The ancient Chinese practice called Qi Gong is a moving mediation which boosts the immune system, reduces stress and energizes the body. The combination of yoga poses with the movement of life force energy will provide an energizing class that will improve overall health and vitality. The class will strengthen the core and improve balance and flexibility. You will learn movements for strengthening the immune system, along with sound healing that will leave you with a deep sense of peace and well- being.

Class is suitable for people of all levels.

Discover the magic of creating your own healing elixir in the body!

Virtually Only


Exercise based on ancient Chinese teachings. Learn the chi (energy) moving exercises of Chen style Tai Chi for healthy body, mind, and spirit. All levels welcome.

in-studio ONLY

ashtanga elements


with Becky Titmus

6:00 - 7:15 pm

In this class we will use the poses of the Ashtanga tradition in a creative flow, linking breath with movement in a challenging sequence.  

currently unavailable


Renew, relax, recharge and restore your body and mind with these gentle and soothing yoga postures. Poses are supported with the use of props and held longer with the emphasis on restoration and attention to breath.


with instructions on how you can use itmes around the house as props. props are also available in our studio retail shop and in our online store for pickup or delivery. 


yogic sleep for deep conscious release & relaxation in the Amrit Desai method

CurrentlY available Virtually and On-Demand


Currently UNAvailable

Our Popular & fast paced advanced vinyasa flow class set to upbeat music. This is our most challenging class, but everything is optional and modifications are encouraged. Come prepared to sweat and challenge yourself while having a great time!

YOGA for healthy back and joints

Currently UNAvailable


with becky titmus

4:45 - 5:45 pm

Experience how gentle movement can address issues with spines and joints that arise from injury, overuse, and age. The majority of work is done lying down. Students do not need any yoga experience, and will receive a lot of hands-on assistance from the instructor.  




Currently UNAvailable

A set vinyasa flow sequence developed by Carla Olla that is challenging yet accessible. Through consistent practice working with a set sequence, students are able to gauge their progress over time. Recommended for all levels of Yoga practitioners, except beginners.

Breathe, Move, Meditate

Currently UNAvailable

All Levels. No experience needed.  Each week different techniques & methods are used to guide students into meditation. Pranayama & warm ups are included to prepare for a comfortable seat for meditation.

Energy Medicine Yoga

Currently UNAvailable

Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga) is an integrative yoga practice accessible to students of all levels. The practice includes asana poses, breath-work, meditation and Energy Medicine techniques such as acupressure holds, Neurolymphatic Reflex self-massage (a unique and powerful way of working with and clearing your lymphatic system), and energy channel clearings. One of the many benefits of EMYoga is that it greatly enhances a regular yoga practice without increasing the time devoted to it. By incorporating some of the techniques of EMYoga, it will help you achieve energy, vitality and balance in a whole new way.



Currently UNAvailable

This class uses standing and seated postures to increase flexibility throughout the entire body. Each class consists of a mindful combination of deep stretching and restorative poses with breathing and meditation. Recommended for anyone looking to increase their flexibility such as tennis players, runners and golfers as well as those new to Yoga.

Candle Light Flow

Currently UNAvailable

Move deeply into your practice with this soothing meditative variation of Love Flow illuminated by candlelight.

Mantra Music & Yoga, Gentle Flow


Currently UNAvailablE

The same all levels slower paced vinyasa flow Class combined with live mantra music. this special class is offered just once a month. You Don't to miss it, especially at the discounted drop-in rate of a $10

Donations above $10 are humbly accepted with great appreciation to support more community Classes and to support students in need.

No experience or participation is required.

You are even welcome to just come relax on your mat or chair and

enjoy the music! 

$10 Friday Community Classes

Currently UNAvailable

We believe group Asana/yoga classes should be available to everyone. our contribution to this mission is our discounted $10 drop-ins every FridaY and for select Community Classes.


These $10 Classes Also serve as a

thank you to our regular clients!

Of course if you have an unlimited plan or a Class Card you are welcome to use those.


If you feel generous and are financialLy able you may pay what you can on top of the $10 drop-in or your unlimited package to support our Mission. 


We will humbly and graciously accept your donation to fund future community classes and anonymously sponsor students in need.

Thank you for your generosity in helping us make yoga available to all!

Plan to resume when we are fully open follwoing current Covid precautions restrictions

for now all of our Virtual classes are only $10 we also have On Demand packagaes and in-studio class packages available.

Thank you for your support and understanding!

New to yoga? Check out our beginners classes.